How Does A Bail Bond Work?

To begin the bail bond process, gather the following information and give us a call. These three things will help us to locate and confirm the status of the person you are trying to bail out. We’ll be able to quickly dispatch an agent to get your loved one back home quickly.

Defendant’s Name

  • Provide the defendant’s name when you call. It will help us confirm their identity and location.
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Defendant’s Date of Birth

  • Provide the birth date of the defendant in order to confirm their identity in the system.
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Jail Information

  • Provide the location where your friend or family member is being held after their arrest.
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Don't Let Your Loved One
Wait In A Jail Cell!
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Call a 1738 bail bondsman to get your loved one out of jail and back at home quickly!

No one plans to go to jail but unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. The hours immediately after an arrest are the most difficult. The shock you are experiencing is tough. There is a lot of uncertainty, and many questions.

We’re here to help you during this time. Call 816-249-2245 and one of our KC bail bondsman will get your friend or family released from jail in no time.

Affordable Bail BondsAffordable Bail:
We issue bail bonds for 10% to 20%. Financing may be available.

We Accept 1738 Credit CardsCredit Cards:
1738 Bail Bonds Kansas City, Missouri, accepts credit cards to make the payment process easier.

Easy Payment Plan Payment Plans:
We provide payment plans for our bail bonds in KC. Ask us about our payment plans which are available to almost all of our clients! The minimum charge for KC Metro bail bonds is $100.

Posting Bail

Posting bail is a right that is protected by the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the rights of every American citizen are protected by the Constitution.

After a person is arrested, a bail amount is set by a judge or according to a bail schedule. Although the bail amount must not be excessive, it can still be difficult to come up with enough money to post bail.

This is where 1738 Bail Bonds in Kansas City, Mo can help. By working with a bail bondsman, a defendant is able to get out of jail quickly and for an affordable price.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond essentially acts as an insurance policy whereby the bail bond company guarantees to the court that the person obtaining the bail bond will make all of their required appearances. If the individual appears in court as ordered, then the bail bond is never in jeopardy.

However, if the individual fails to appear, the bail bond company is notified of this by the court. At that time, the bail bond company must surrender that individual back into custody.

If the bail bond company fails to surrender that person back into custody, they are forced to pay the entire amount of the bail bond to the court.

Common Bail Bond Questions

Why should someone post bail?
There are important benefits to consider, such as defendants can go back to work, school, home, family, and continue with usual daily life. It also allows for better preparation of a defense.

What Hours Can I Post Bail?
1738 Bail Bonds is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and ready to start the bail bond process to help your friend or loved one post bail.

What Do I Need to Post a Bail Bond?
Most bail bonds can be completed with a valid identification, utility bill and paycheck stub.

Is Collateral Necessary For A Bail Bond?
At 1738 Bail Bonds collateral is rarely necessary. Most cases will not require collateral and in most cases your signature will be the only guarantee needed.

What To Do If I Miss A Court Appearance?
If an individual misses court for any reason, you must contact us immediately. We have valuable information which, most of the time, will allow you to get your bail bond reinstated. It is our objective to keep you out of jail and on bail throughout your entire court proceedings.

What Does A Bail Bond Cost?
The cost of a bail bond varies between 10% and 20% of the full bail amount. There are occasions, however, where we issue our customers a percentage of credit in an effort to work with them through their economic hardships. Our minimum bond fee is $100 per offender being processed.

What are your Forms of Payment?
Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Western Union, Moneygram, Electronic Bank Transfers.

Is A Bail Bond Premium Refundable?
The bail bond premium is a set fee established and regulated by the state of Mo. Once bail bond is posted and received by authorities, liability is taken by the bail bond company. At that point, the bail bond premium is earned and is not refundable..

Will I Know When My Bail Bond Terms Are Complete?
Upon completion of your case, the judge will “exonerate” your bail bond in open court. At this point, the bail bond is no longer active.

What is an Indemnitor/Co-Signer?
The willing person(s) who will be responsible for the defendant while they are free on bail and assumes financial responsibility. This includes guarantee of the full bail bond amount.

1738 Bail Bonds
A Bail Bond Company You Can Trust!

We provide all types of bail bonds:
Felony and misdemeanor, assault and battery, domestic violence,
DUI or DWI, marijuana bonds, and many more. No bond is too big or to small!

If a loved one has been arrested or you have questions about the bail bonds process
don’t hesitate to call us! We are here to help!
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